Pax Gold is available at Binance

As we know, to be the biggest exchange in the world is a difficult task, since one must constantly defend the title. For this reason, Binance always seeks to offer the best Bitcoin Lifestyle services, being the most innovative and efficient. Today, they made a new acquisition official, listing Pax Gold (PAXG) in their available tokens.

PAXG is the only regulated digital gold token available for trading at Binance. It will be listed and traded under the BUSD, BTC and BNB pairs.

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The price in the gold market has reached new highs this year and is currently trading around $2000 per troy ounce. While its trading volumes reached USD 174 million per day during July, high-quality physical gold is sometimes only available to large institutional investors.

In this way, Pax Gold solves the fundamental contradiction in the gold market: it is almost impossible to obtain physical gold and it is also easy to trade, split, move and leverage. Pax Gold is the safest and easiest way for anyone to obtain and trade the highest quality gold.

It is built under the Ethereum Blockchain, similar to the technology of other tokens. This way, with Pax Gold, you own the underlying gold that is stored in the most secure vaults in London.

Rich Teo, co-founder of Paxos, commented: „We created Pax Gold so that anyone can get real gold of the highest quality. It is the safest and easiest way to get the best physical gold in a completely digital way. We are delighted that Binance can see the growing market demand for Pax Gold and can thus offer its users an easy and secure opportunity to obtain regulated gold.