Bitcoin miners‘ earnings drop to three-month lows

A recent report showed that Bitcoin miners‘ earnings have been at a minimum of three months, due to the static price of the BTC.

Bitcoin Chain Transaction (BTC) activity has cooled in the midst of the recent pause in price action. And, that’s hurting Bitcoin miners‘ profits. So says a recent report.

The Kryptonite block chain processed 231,437 transactions on October 18, the lowest level since May 24. According to data provided by the block chain analysis firm Glassnode.

That means that the daily transaction count was reduced by almost 40% from a peak of 382,408 observed on July 1.

Since the network processes far fewer transactions now, the percentage of Bitcoin Revolution earnings derived from fees was also reduced. To a minimum of three months. Specifically from 3.49% during the weekend.

Bitcoin Whales accumulated about 46,103 BTC in 7 days

7% of Americans have purchased BTC according to a survey

Dan Tapiero, asset manager and co-founder of 10T Holdings, shared a Statista survey. It shows that only 7% of Americans had previously used BTC. It shows that Bitcoin is still in an early stage.

According to the new data from Statista, only 7% of Americans have previously used BTC. This means that current investors in BTC are still in an early phase of growth.

The survey also placed Peru with 16% usability, as well as Spain with 10%, respectively. Meanwhile, Nigeria leads the survey with 32%, followed by Vietnam with 21%.

Dan Tapiero said BTC is still in the „birth“ phase of a new asset class. He wrote:

„It’s still too early for Bitcoin. It is still in the birth of a new global asset class.

In the long term, BTC has significant growth potential to evolve into a store of established value, like gold. If so, investors anticipate that its value will increase exponentially over the next decade.

Coinbase will sponsor two Bitcoin Core developers with a grant from EU funds

The Coinbase crypto currency exchange announced that it would sponsor at least two BTC developers. Who contribute directly to the Bitcoin Core code base or closely associated Bitcoin projects. Through the new exchange grants called Crypto Community Fund.

Coinbase said it would make the final selections. After the current Bitcoin Core developers and the „important“ community members make a list of the proposals.

The advisory board for Bitcoin projects includes developers such as Carla Kirk-Cohen, Anthony Towns, Amiti Uttarwar, Felix Weis and Dan Boneh. Also, the exchange said that projects from any location could apply. And, while their goal was to focus on one-year developer grants, they would also consider shorter projects.

Coinbase intended to expand the program to other types of projects and cryptographic communities. Whether this fund successfully helped the cryptographic community

While Coinbase reported that it will support the developers of the Bitcoin Core, other reports indicate that part of the team continues to submit letters of resignation. Following statements by its CEO, Brian Armstrong.

One of the most recent resignations was from Coinbase’s head of global marketing, John Russ. He shared the news via a message posted this week on his Twitter account.

For crypto-influencer Anthony Pompliano, the next step for Bitcoin should be a community-paid Super Bowl commercial.